About us

About us

Red Line Book Festival 2019
October 7th to 13th

Held in October each year, the Red Line Book Festival celebrates the very best in local, national and international writing. The festival takes place in various venues across South Dublin County and is funded by South Dublin County Council and managed by South Dublin Libraries and Arts.

Festival Co-ordinators: Bernie Meenaghan, Helen McMahon and Mark Ward.


What people say:

"Red Line Book Festival - its vision, as ever, is to be entertaining, inclusive and stimulating"
Catherine Dunne, author
"I so enjoyed it. Thanks a million for your hospitality and well done on organising a fantastic festival."
Twitter at TEDx
“A very relaxed atmosphere among the panel and great questions from the audience!”
Bert Wright, curator Crime Night
“I enjoyed every minute of it and was only sorry I couldn't have stayed for the whole day”
Christine Dwyer-Hickey, author Readers Day
“Fantastic, informative, thoughtful, mind opening and a reminder of the abundance of life."
Maureen Gaffney on TEDxTallaght