Five Questions with... Peter F. Hamilton

02 Oct, 2018

Five Questions with... Peter F. Hamilton

Peter F. Hamilton was born in the county of Rutland, UK, where he lived for fifty years before moving to Somerset with his family and a pair of very badly behaved Burmese cats.

He sold his first professional story to Fear magazine in 1987, and subsequently began work on his first novel Mindstar Rising, the start of the futuristic Greg Mandel detective series.

Since then his books have primarily been Space Operas, including The NIght's Dawn trilogy, the Commonwealth Saga, the Void trilogy, as well as several stand-alone books and short story collections.

In 2015 he published The Secret Throne, the first of The Queen Of Dreams, a children's fantasy trilogy, which featured his own children in lead roles, which was an attempted bribe to get them to read more.

He is currently writing another science fiction trilogy called Salvation, the first of which will be published in September 2018.

What was the first piece of science fiction you loved?

The City and the Stars… Arthur C. Clarke. One of his early works, but I read it in my early teens, when it triggered a fantastic sense of wonder. That’s when I knew Science Fiction was the genre for me.

You’ve been publishing for over 25 years. Which character still sticks in your mind the most?

Sid Hurst, from Great North Road. He’s an everyman, struggling to make his way in the world without any trouble, and from that comes a sense of trying to understand the universe.

Of the worlds and universes you’ve created, where would you most like to live?

In the Confederation of the Night’s Dawn universe, subsection Edenists, location: one of the Jupiter orbiting habitats.

Which novel of yours would you most like to see adapted to TV/film?

The Commonwealth novels. I think it would have to be TV, there are seven of them after all. And all big. Too much for a film to portray accurately.

Tell us something nobody knows about your new novel, Salvation?

Part of it is based on a genuine story I was told late one night, after several drinks.

Peter F. Hamilton will appear in conversation with Janet Ní Shuilleabháin, chairperson of Octocon, on Tue 9 Oct at The Civic Theatre, as part of Red Line Book Festival 2018.

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